Gil vom Hause Miftari - has been bred to - Banshee von Burgsteinkopf

  • Father: 2009 and 2012 World Champion Burning des Princes d' Aragone Mother: Duffy vom Quercus Wald (Daughter of 2010 World Champion Astor von Junipera) Microchip 250268710006873 DOB 12/8/2011 HD ED Free EXPORT PEDIGREE KUSA CERTIFICATE

Gil vom Hause Miftari

  • HD A ED 0

WILSAM ASH OF HAUSEDERSTERNE - has been bred to - Hausedersterne Kendy

Hausedersterne Grimm - has been bred to - Rea von Kelemen

Hausedersterne Grimm

  • HD A2 A2 ED 0 0

Rea von Kelemen

  • HD A2-A2 ED 11