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Welcome to the internet home of...

 Hausedersterne Rottweilers - home of the World Famous Mafia.  We appreciate your interest.

Our puppies and dogs will now also be available for viewing in Gauteng , Johannesburg at DeLiemers Rottweilers. Please see more information in our Contact section for assistance You can also view this funny clip we made to explain a little better https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9di9Fu906o 

Our name derives from the idea of 1st paying homage to Germany with our German name as Rottweilers originated from the German town of Rottweil and 2nd it translates to House of Stars – as all our Rottweilers are live in members in our house and we only have Star quality and aiming to produce the same. We are life members of Natal Rottweiler Association (NRA) as well as the Kennel Union of South Africa (Kusa) that binds us to a professional responsible breeders code of ethics.


When buying one of our pups you will be buying a part of us too. We believe if you are satisfied with us that you will love your puppy. Note of importance is to educate yourself on the breed in order to help you make a calculated, well-informed decision. We strongly recommend that you spend enough time investigating before you buy a rottweiler. We welcome any and all questions and we proud ourselves in sharing information and guidance and therefor our home is always open to you.


In our program we believe breeding is about fixing faults and adding traits, all in our quest to one-day breed the perfect rottweiler as in any bloodline there are faults. Our foundation bitches are all imported, carefully selected from reputable quality and experienced breeders with unique pedigrees and bloodlines. Our studs are of equal standard but breeding is a total science, so we will always consider using outside studs of proven produce from time to time to enhance our program further. Remember – convenience doesn’t produce quality.

All our dogs are HD (Hip Dysplasia) and ED (Elbow Displasia) X-rayed tested with certification and ZTP tested (breed character assessment) before we consider breeding with them. Our aim is to breed healthy well-balanced rottweilers of distinctive size and substance, excellent type and conformation and a sound and loving temperament. We have surrounded ourselves with an excellent group of Rottweiler professionals with whom we are constantly discussing and consulting on the breed.


Your dog must be cared for daily. This means a proper diet, exercise, grooming and vetenary attention. Being a responsible registered breeder we would ask you to sign a contract indicating that if specified conditions are not met or you become unable to keep the puppy that we will reclaim the pup. All our pups are sold Kusa registered, vet checked and come with proper health records, vaccinated, microchip and dewormed. Our potential puppy owners are properly screened. Show and training homes will enjoy preference BUT we don’t discriminate against ANY loving and caring home that fully understands the breed and treat our rottweilers as part of the family. Enrolling into a puppy socializing class is essential and also stipulated in the contract.


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Most of our pups will be sold by means of referral including family homes with children. Our pups are well socialized providing them with a healthy, physical and emotional start in life. We supply a puppy pack with your purchase that would set out for you how to raise and care for your pup. All the procedure with regards to booking pups (which is advisable to avoid disappointment) will be discussed with you so please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail. We breed with the finest care and genetics to produce quality working dogs that’s also suitable for the family environment.



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The rottweiler is a calm, confident and courageous dog with a self-assured aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships. The rottweiler responds quietly with a wait and sees attitude to influences in his environment. He has inherited a desire to protect home and family and is a very intelligent dog of extreme hardness and adaptability with a strong willingness to work, making them especially suited as a companion, guardian and a general all purpose dog. We believe in preserving the working qualities of our dogs and so regularly train and occasionally compete in show or the sport of IPO/Schutzhund.


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Our dogs bloodlines includes some of the following famous pedigrees:


Matcho and Rick Von Burgthann – Orlando Vom Hause Neubrand – Doc, Mambo and Face Von Der Teufelsbrucke – Merlin Flash Rouse – Gringo, Dingo and Noris Vom Gruntenblick – Mambo Von Der Crossener Ranch – Jackomo Von Der Bliechstrasse – Balou Vom Silberblick – Wespe Vom Kummelsee – Like Vom Sitard – Ando Crni Vitez – Ramzes, Flip and Phyton Crni Lotos – Brando Von Kelemen – Noris and Roxana Von Der Alten Festung – Beni – Petra Earl Antonius – Bessy Von Hause Krammer – Flash Vom Wulfert Turm – Gringo Von Oberpfalzer Walt – Eyck Von Tengen to name but a few


Overall the rottweiler is a very capable companion but without ongoing socializing, obedience training and supervision, he unfortunately is just too much dog for many households. Rottweilers need lots of love, but also a fair measurement of discipline combined with a lot of attention.



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Thank You for your intererst in our Rottweilers 

Regards Jaco (Woody) van Niekerk and Philippa Brink 


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